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Cost Saving White Paper July 2014; reviews relative costs and performance of building appliances with ESS versus traditional Raid-5 and Raid-10 techmologies.
Contrast with ZFS October 2013; examines different properties of ZFS and ESS, and looks at data amplification which is a major problem in ZFS.
Testing Methods August 2012; Two page white paper presents comparative results between SuperCharger (now ESS 4.0) and native Linux Raid-0, -5, and -10 and analyzes the meaning and methodology of these.
Raid Performance White Paper

October 2011; 37 page white paper analyzes relative performance of Raid-5 with SuperCharger 2.0 and regular raid-5 and raid-10 settings. Paper is the first observation that SuperCharger's linear writing method generates significantly less wear amplification than does normal "random written" raid.




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