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BonFire SAN Software

BonFire SAN Server provides all the software you need to build and maintain a high performance all-Flash SAN or a massive-scale ZFS hard disk pool, or both.

Fast setup.  BonFire management software has been optimized for both raw speed and management efficiency.  Most commands execute in real time.  Presentation is screen, rather than wizard oriented.  This assures that the administrator sees all the elements of a particular configuration issue in a single glance, avoiding errors.  Initial setup and activation typically requires just three to ten minutes depending on how quickly the server hardware reboots.

Compatible with white-box x86_64 servers.  BonFire is designed to work with stock x86_64 server hardware. BonFire supports SATA, SAS, and Fiber Channel hard disks as well as SATA, SAS, or nVME SSDs. HBAs from MicroSemi, Broadcom, and others are supported. High speed networking from Intel, Mellanox, Chelsio, and others can be used, as can Fiber Channel boards from qLogic and Atto. BonFire-managed all-flash arrays usually operate at “wire speed” with performance only limited by the network in use. The ability to use stock hardware encourages the use of simple, low cost chassis. BonFire can also be adapted to the needs of custom hardware.

Multi-device console.  BonFire lets you manage and monitor hundreds of SAN devices from a single web console. This offers profound productivity gains by saving excess movement between devices.

Full High Availability support.  BonFire provides several types of active/active and active/passive HA support.  HA replication over TCP/IP ethernet networks is available at no cost.  BonFire optionally supports HA replication over high-speed converted ethernet using RDMA.  A third variant is available for those who want to build dual ported SAS or NVMe systems.

Extremely scalable.  BonFire lets you build all-Flash storage appliances with 280TB of addressable space in just 2U.  BonFire lets you build petabyte-scale ZFS storage.

Superior IOPS:  BonFire will deliver 250,000 4KB random reads or writes over a 10gigE connection from an array of 8 or more SSDs configured RAID-5 or RAID-6.  More SSDs and faster connectivity will deliver significantly higher performance. In BonFire systems, random write IOPS typically execute faster than read IOPS.

Superior large record transfers.  BonFire will also deliver large amounts of data.  For instance, a 24 SSD system managed by BonFire will deliver almost 6GB a second through a single dual port 40gigE adapter, and can deliver a lot more with multiple ports and cards.

Superior single-job speed.  BonFire will read or write several gigabytes a second single thread.  Single thread throughput greatly affects the time needed to perform all manner of big jobs, be these report generation or 4KB video rendering.  Few all-Flash storage appliances can demonstrate such performance. Consumer, Read Intensive, Data Center, Enterprise, and NVMe grades of SSDs will all read and write faster when managed by BonFire.

Extends SSD life.  Using ESS technology, BonFire dramatically reduces SSD write amplification.  Accordingly, less expensive Consumer  or Read Intensive SSDs managed by Bonfire will typically last ten to forty times longer, and will be capable of a daily overwrite of all data.  But even Data Center and Enterprise SSDs will see significant life extension with Bonfire because many of the patented techniques used by ESS to reduce write amplification enhance the performance of all SSDs.

Profound cost reduction.  BonFire lets you use less expensive Consumer and Read Intensive SSDs while achieving or exceeding the effective data updates of Data Center media.  Because it performs best in a RAID-5 or RAID-6 environment, BonFire also lets you use fewer SSDs.  The combination of these can reduce the SSD cost per usable gigabyte by as much as 75%.


Affordable software cost.  BonFire costs a small fraction of the SSD costs it reduces.  When significant cost reduction is combined with superior speed, durability, scale, and reliability, BonFire generates exceptional value.

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