BonFire Storage Appliance

Our BonFire Appliance delivers mass storage exceptionally fast at extremely low cost.

Model BonFire 2 BonFire 4 BonFire 8 BonFire 16
System MSRP $3,799 $5,189 $7,939 $15,269
Usable Capacity (GB) 1,575 3,150 6,300 12,600
Max Capacity w/ Compression (GB) 3,150 5,000 10,000 20,000


Simple: BonFire appliances are built using a standard SuperMicro 8 bay chassis. The chassis contains a fast Intel processor, appropriate RAM, and a dual-port 10 gigabit ethernet connection. All are managed by our ESS software which increases random write speeds dramatically while reducing Flash media wear significantly. BonFire appliances are ready to plug in and configure.

Fast: BonFire is designed to deliver approximately 1.6GB/sec of random reads or writes a second when both 10 gigabit ethernet ports are connected. This is about 400,000 4KB IOs per second. While systems built with other technologies should be able to achieve high random read levels as well, all will have much lower random write speeds. For instance, data center grade systems built with normal Linux RAID-5 only process about 5,000 to 10,000 4KB random writes a second, depending upon the brand of SSD selected. Similarly, systems configured RAID-10 will only deliver 20,000 to 40,000 4KB random writes per second.

Wear Resistant: Our patented ESS Flash management software lets us build BonFire Appliances with far greater media life than is possible using other techniques. Our basic layer of wear reduction typically improves media life on sparse free-space SSDs by a factor of eight. Use with RAID-5 typically doubles life again and compression, if used, typically doubles life a second time. Accordingly,we can build complete systems using commercial grade MLC media while exceeding Data Center durability expectations.

BonFire Costs A Lot Less: Data Center grade storage typically costs about $1 per gigabyte. Components to build 8 terabytes of storage would cost $9,200: $1,200 more than our BonFire 8. But if you need the performance of RAID-10 or better, the relative saving of BonFire is 45%. And if your data is compressible, this also results in cost reduction.


Supermicro SuperServer 1018D-73MTF

Quick Delivery:
BonFire is an off-the-shelf product without options other than the four sizes offered. Those needing a custom built solution should explore our WildFire line of systems.

Simple Support: Telephone support for your bonfire systems is available either during business hours, or 24 hours a day. BonFire hardware repair is modularized. Depending upon what is broke, we will send you either a replacement SSD or a replacement full chassis overnight. If a drive is busted, all that has to be done is to pull the drive in the appropriate hot swap bay. If the chassis is replaced, all that is required is to plug the SSDs into the appropriate bays, boot the system and run a script to update any relevant information. Those who need faster turn around on hardware repair can purchase a spare chassis and SSD. This allows same-day repair of broken hardware.


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