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BonFire Limited

WildFire's BonFire Limited is a variant of our BonFire SAN which contains all the wear reduction capabilities of ESS but with explicit limits on random write speeds.

Full service BonFire with ESS can deliver in excess of 2 million 4KB random writes a second and up to 11GB/sec of larger random writes with 24 SSDs.  This is far more performance than is available through other products.  For instance, standard Linux SSD implementations cannot exceed 30,000 4KB random write IOPS with parity RAID, and frequently do not exceed 100,000 IOPS with RAID-10.

Similarly, most proprietary systems offer a basic performance level of around 30,000 to 75,000 IOPS, and charge a significant premium for larger systems.  For instance, one major proprietary solution provider charges five times as much for 300,000 IOPS performance as it does for 30,000 IOPS of throughput.

BonFire Limited is designed for OEMs, integrators, and others who want to produce high volumes of low cost product.  It comes complete with it's own SAN in order to rapidly introduce a finished product.  Those who have their own set of administrative tools, intend to build significant numbers of storage devices or local mass storage systems, and are willing to accept some performance restrictions in order to significantly reduce licensing costs, can use a similar product which consists only of the ESS engine.

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