WildFire Embedded

(for Portable Devices)

WildFire Embedded speeds up smart phones and tablets running Google's Android operating system. WildFire Embedded is a software managed block device which avoids the usual problems associated with random writing to flash devices. By writing all data as FIFO-ordered sequential writes, user blocks and control information are written using atomic structures mapped on top of standard block IO writes.  WildFire works with standard block storage devices, and does not require special flash chip-level access.  This allows WildFire to work with existing hardware configurations using standard storage topologies ranging from direct attached flash to SD cards and eMMC modules.



WildFire's fine grain FTL approach allows small random writes to operate at the linear device's native write speeds.  This test shows IO performance for an A-Data 16GB class 10 micro SDHC card running on a Motorola Xoom tablet with stock Android.  At 4K block size, the bare device is accelerated from 1.25 IOPS to over 4500 IOPS purely with WildFire software. Write speed is flat no matter the write size.

AData 16GB Class10 Micro SDHC
Managed by WildFire
Read Write
4K 551 2205K 4547 17.7M
8K 465 3724K 2224 17.3M
16K 272 4358K 1098 17.1M
64K 95 6105K 269 16.8M
256K 38 9.5M 69 17.2M
1M 11 11.0M 16 17.1M
4M 3 12.7M 4 17.5M
AData 16GB Class10 Micro SDHC
without WildFire
Read Write
644 2579K 1 5734B
526 4214K 1 11K
302 4838K 1 25K
111 7155K 1 76K
37 9.3M 1 358K
11 11.7M 1 1433K
3 13.5M 1 4096K

The ability to random write extremely quickly increases the apparent responsiveness of any device. Applications such as web browsing and mail will feel more responsive. Many applications will install and initiate significantly faster. WildFire also gets rid of most stuttering, device stalls and non-responsiveness. A report published in Computer World reveals that Android stalls are almost always caused by pending flash updates. It is also important to note that when all data is written linearly, flash device life can be greatly extended. But what is most important to OEMs is that since WildFire is a mature, low-cost solution to performance and durability issues, there is an opportunity to significantly reduce the overall manufacturing costs of mobile devices by using less expensive components while improving the user experience.

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