WildFire Enterprise Storage Stack

WildFire Enterprise Storage Stack (ESS) is software which lets users build extremely fast Enterprise grade, all-Flash storage appliances at costs below a dollar a gigabyte.

WildFire ESS achieves its tremendous speed through conversion of clusters of random writes into a memory mapped continuous linear stream. Writing all data linearly results in write speeds that are typically ten times faster than standard Raid-10 and thirty times faster than Raid-5 or Raid-6.

The linearity of WildFire ESS also contributes to dramatic reductions in wear-, Raid-, and data-amplification, reducing total wear per datum written up to forty-fold. This reduction enhances usable storage space. It also allows the use of significantly less expensive Solid State Disks with fewer erase cycles of storage capacity. Both together lead to dramatic build cost reductions.

But WildFire ESS is not just about speed and cost. Central to the design are many features such as FIFO writing and the writing of all data to free space which dramatically improve the robustness of WildFire ESS storage.

Click here to read a catalog sheet which provides greater detail about the advantages and costs of WildFire ESS storage.


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