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WildFire Product Overview

If you need to build low-cost, high performance mass storage, one of our WildFire software products will be right for you:   

BonFire SAN provides a structured and fast web console to setup and manage storage servers.  BonFire SAN supports ZFS for the management of hard disk drive arrays.  BonFire also incorporates WildFire's ESS for the construction of super-fast and super-durable all-Flash SAN appliances.

Enterprise Storage Stack (ESS) is software which lets OEMs, integrators, and skilled end users build high performance all-Flash storage at extremely low cost using commodity hardware.  Large scale systems built with ESS can cost less than a quarter a gigabyte and perform close to two million random write IOPS.  ESS is just our acceleration engine.  It can be integrated with a customer's existing management suite.

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