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BonFire Extreme

BonFire Extreme is a variant of BonFire designed for extreme speed.  Ordinary RAIDed sets of SATA and NVMe SSDs have practical write limits of around 11 GB/sec  Our enhanced erasure code environment.  WildFire's new technology expands the write threshhold to speeds approaching 40GB/sec and IOPS rates approaching 4 million.  This creates new design opportunities.  Similarly, BonFire Extreme supports RDMA and Fiber Channel networking, in addition to iSCSI.

BonFire Extreme SAN software
Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Prices
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BonFire Extreme extreme performance SAN (details) 1,000 n/a 250

BonFire Extreme reduces manufacturing costs.  Recalling that Wild--Fire's patented technology - ESS - increases Flash media effective life by more than an order of magnitude, a bunch of factors creap into the issue of comparitive cost.

Whether one is working with SATA or NVMe SSDs, ESS linearization together with erasure codes lets you build high  reliability storage pools with up to eight add-on parity SSDs.  ESS also lets you use consumer, QLC, or read-intensive SSDs, rather than more expensive enterprise media while matching or exceeding expected media life.  These new combinations radically reduce storage costs without sacrificing performance, durability, and redundancy.  THey can also increase the scale of individual systems to hundreds and even thousands of terabytes.

BonFire Extreme is a dream to use.  BonFire Extreme systems can be managed and monitored in clusters from a single WebGUi terminal.  Unlike simple structured applications, BonFire presents a unified solution for a specific problem, such as configuring storage, networking, or HA, and lets you both look at the entire problem in a single glance while pre-validating the entire answer-set.

No feature limits.  BonFire Extreme can incorporate all of our technology.  You get the newest performance-enhancing technologies, including storage structures, FC, RDMA, and iSCSI networking, and access to both HA versions currently offered.

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