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BonFire iSCSI

BonFire iSCSI is a low cost variant of BonFire which supports maximum read and write performance, and all iSCSI protocols (i.e. 100Mb, 1GigE, 10GigE, and Infiniband), as well as all standard options.  But, BonFire iSCSI does not support RDMA or Fiber Channel.

BonFire iSCSI SAN software
Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Prices
Product Option Per
BonFire iSCSI SAN 1,000 40 150

BonFIre iSCSI is fast. Tests show that with 24 SATA SSDs linear writing at 500MB/sec, BonFire iSCSI will internally linear write 11GB/sec, and execute more than  2.5 million random write IOPS.  Parity RAID solutions without our ESS linearization will typically write  80 times slower, while mirrored RAID solutions will generate IOPS nine times slower.

BonFire Lite reduces manufacturing costs.  BonFire also lets you buy less expensive "consumer" SSD media, and build larger individual systems because WildFire's patented SSD linearization technology typically increases useful life by more than an order of magnitude.  Then media savings are combined with reduced spindle counts, BonFire can reduce SSD storage media costs by as much as 75%.

The BonFire iSCSI console is a dream to use.  BonFire iSCSI systems can be managed and monitored in clusters from a single WebGUi terminal.  Unlike simple structured applications, BonFire presents a unified solution for a specific problem, such as configuring storage, networking, or HA, and lets you both look at the entire problem in a single glance while pre-validating the entire answer-set.

Limits to BonFire iSCSI version.  The iSCSI version of BonFire supports all add-ons of the BonFire Line, with the exception of RDMA and Fiber Channel Networking.  Accordingly, peak performance is constrained by the number of of iSCSI ports which can be crammed into a box.  Obviously, 2u chassis have extra room for these.  Similarly, it is possible to use products such as the Mellanox 40Gb card in its iSCSI mode as 4 or 8 10gigE ports.

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