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Shrink Wrapped BonFire Lite

Shrink wrapped BonFire Lite SAN software is a low cost solution for those who want to build extremely low cost ready-to-go all-Flash storage devices, with or without SSDs. Bonfire Lite is available in three fixed sizes: 3 terabyte, 6TB, and 12TB.  In addition, a free SOHO version of BonFire Lite is also available.


BonFire Lite
Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Prices
Product Option Per System
BonFire Lite SAN with 1TB of ESS addressable storage free
BonFire Lite SAN with 3TB of ESS addressable storage 900
BonFire Lite SAN with 6TB of ESS addressable storage 1,200
BonFire Lite SAN with 12TB of ESS addressable storage 1,800


BonFire Lite is extremely fast.  BonFire Lite will typically random write at the composite linear write rate of the SSDs present.  When used with 8 typical one-terabyte SSDs, BonFire Lite will write at 3.5GB/sec, and will internally random write 4KB blocks at about 700,000 IOPS.  Random read performance is typically half of the write performance. Individual iSCSI 10 gigabit network cards typically deliver 75,000 to 125,000 random read or write 4KB IOPS per active port or channel.  Accordingly, BonFire Lite systems are limited by connectivity rather than internal performance.

Conversely, parity RAID SAN solutions typically deliver only 10,000 to 30,000 random write IOPS: 2% to 4% of BonFire Lite performance.  While mirrored SSD sets will perform better than parity RAID, write performance for mirrored sets is typically an order of magnituge less than BonFire Lite.

BonFire Lite reduces manufacturing cost because of durability.  WildFire's patented Flash linearization technology typically increases useful SSD life by more than an order of magnitude. BonFire's life-extension lets you build with less expensive "consumer" SSD media while retaining or exceeding the durability of "enterprise" media.  The ability to use high speed Parity storage similarly reduces the number of SSDs needed.


BonFire Lite typical construction costs
Product Option 3TB 6TB 12TB
Basic chassis: case with 8 hot swap bays, CPU, RAM, SATA connectivity, redundant power suppply, and 10GigE networking. 1,300 1,400 1,600
8 consumer grade SSDs, variously 512GB, 1TB, and 2TB 400 800 1,760
BonFire Lite-3, -6, and -12 as applicable 900 1,200 1,800
Total Cost 2,600 3,400 5,160
Cost per usable terabyte 866 566 430

Comments: Server costs can be reduced.  BonFire offers software trade discounts to resellers and OEMs.  Chassis costs can be reduced if features are eliminated or reduced.  SSD media prices continue to decrease.  Given the high costs of building  any SAN, including SANs populated with hard disk drives, solid state storage using BonFire is rapidly approaching the cost of hard disk storage.


The feature set of BonFire Lite is limited when compared with other BonFire products. BonFire Lite systems can be managed and monitored in clusters from a single WebGUi terminal, and contains all the management tools. BonFire LIte only supports iSCSI connectivity. It does not support High Availability, space-expansion compression, deduplication, encryption, or enhanced FC or RDMA connectivity.  All of these features are available in other variants of BonFire.

Limitations of free BonFire Lite SOHO.  Usable ZFS (hard disk) space is limited to 4 decimal terabytes.  Each customer is limited to 4 SOHO systems.  SOHO systems are not resaleable.  The SOHO system will likely write more slowly than the larger systems discussed above.  SSDs smaller than half a terabyte frequently linear write far slower than larger SSDs - often as slow as 100 to 150 megabytes per second.

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