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How to Size and Price a BonFire System

 With the exception of BonFire Lite, BonFire software licensing is priced based upon a fixed fee per system together with a licensing charge per usable terabyte of ESS or ZFS storage.  In the case of both ESS and ZFS, usable space is a function of the drive count and size less any hot spare or parity RAID drives, and further less a percertage of free space inaccessible by users.  (For both ESS and ZFS, we recommend a mandatory freespace level of 10%.)  All this can be expressed in the formula:

          size = ( dc - ( hs + pd ) ) * st * 0.9            where:

                    dc = the SSD or HDD gross drive count
                    hs = is the count of hot spare drives
                    pd = is the count of parity drives
                    st  = is the decimal terabyte size of each drive

To determine usable terabytes, take the gross count of drives (or SSDs) (gross). Then deduct all the mirror or parity drives (raid), as well as any hot spares (spares). Multiply what is left by the decimal terabytes per drive (tbsize). Then deduct 10% as unbilled mandatory free space. Finally, round the result up to the next whole decimal terabyte.

As an example, a 24 SSD set of 1 terabyte SSDs, configured RAID-6 with one hot spare would require a license as shown:

      size  = ( 24 - ( 1 + 2 ) ) * 1 * 0.9
     size  = 21 * 1 * 0.9
     size  = 18.9
     size  = 19tb when rounded up to the next whole decimal terabyte

This calculation can also be applied to ZFS-managed hard disks or ESS solid state disks as appropriate.  To this, you will have to add the charges for the appropriate HA, compression, and encryption services as desired, as well as an appropriate annual support program.

Those seeking more speed from hard disks can use ZFS /x1 and /x2.  In this case, the usable space  will be half or less of the gross space.  RAID-0 and RAID-10 can also be used with ESS.  RAID-10 is generally not desirable with ESS.  High Availability pairs and clusters are more reliable than simple mirroring.  Similarly, parity RAID, especially RAID-6, offers reliability advantages over mirroring, while offering (in the case of ESS) much higher write performance.

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