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BonFire Space Virtualization

All BonFire systems contain modified LZ4 compression, which can be activated on demand.  When activated, compression significantly reduces the amount of space overwritten with new data.  This consequently increases the amount of free space on the system, thus expanding the useful life of the product proportionally.

BonFire Compression    
The data compression option Per
Virtual <=2x space multiplier -- -- +50%
Virtual >2x space multiplier -- -- +100%


The free space created by  LZ4 is substantial.  While ordinary data normally does not compress very well, most file systems generate a great deal of compressible metadata. This typically compresses 85% to 90%.  And most file systems generate more metadata than they do source data  The only principal exclusion to this assertion  is ZFS.  ZFS stores metadata with unique hashes, which are virtually uncompressible.

The LZ4 compressed space can be used as additional space by electing one of our two virtual space options.  The <=2x option lets you define free space up to twice the licenced amount of physical space for a 50% surcharge on the base terabyte licensing fee, while the >2x option covers all expansions beyone this point.

Deduplication is in development.  This also has the option of logical space expansion.  The problem with deduplication is not assuring opperability, but of assuring that the code does not experience significant performance loss.

Space expansion through either compression or deduplication must be monitored to assure that you do not run out of free space, or create excessive write amplification.  This is best done by expanding space availability in small increments rather than oversizing from the beginning.

Space virtualization is not available in the BonFire Lite program as this involves fixed size systems.

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