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Pricing for BonFire Software and Services

BonFire SAN software gives you the software you need to build a range of SAN solutions.  IOPS performance ranges from excellent to supreme.  Size can range from tiny to extremely dense. Best of all, our patented ESS, at the core of BonFire, increases the useful life of solid state storage by more than an order of magnitude. This allows the use of less expensive solid state media in any particular application, while also using less media. A retail pricelist for BonFire software and support is shown below, together with an explanation of how to use it.

BonFire SAN software
Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Prices
Product option Per
BonFire iSCSI SAN (details) 1,000 40 150
BonFire extreme performance SAN (details) 1,000 50 250
BonFire iSCSI High Availability option (details) +900 -- --
BonFire RDMA High Availability option (details) +2,900 -- --
Encryption at rest option (details) +1,000 -- --
Virtual <=2x space multiplier (details) -- -- +50%
Virtual >2x space multiplier (details) -- -- +100%

BonFire Lite shrink-wrapped SAN software
Product option Per
BonFire Lite SAN with 1TB of addressable storage (details) free -- --
BonFire Lite SAN with 3TB of addressable storage (details) 900 -- --
BonFire Lite SAN with 6TB of addressable storage (details) 1,200 -- --
BonFire Lite SAN with 12TB of addressable storage (details) 1,800 -- --

BonFire SAN annual support fees and options
Annual Support Contract options Usable Terabytes
<=20TB <=60TB >60TB
Basic Support for BonFire SAN software 575 995 1,595
Premium Support for BonFire SAN software 775 1,195 1,795
7x24 Support for BonFire SAN software 2,155 2,575 3,175
Direct Connect 7x24 Support for BonFire SAN software 6,005 6,425 7,025
Support reinstatement fee 1 year
Discount for 3 year support purchase 15%

Resellers, distributors, integrators, and OEMs welcome. WildFire prefers to sell through resellers, and offers significant trade as well as volume discounts to resellers of our products. Private branding is available at no additional cost.  If the reseller takes first call, programs are available to provide the reseller with second and third tier support.

Demonstration software: BonFire can be demoed for up to 90 days. Demo licenses can be converted into permanent licenses.

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