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Free BonFire SOHO
for Small and Home Offices

A free version of BonFire SAN is available for experimental, small business, and personal use.  Our SOHO verion supports all of the functions available in the  base BonFire product.  SOHO systems can be managed from BonFire's centralized web console (though they must be run as a management cluster separate from ful-service product).  SOHO supports all networking and hardware options available in the base BonFire product.  SOHO systems can be configured as active/active or active/passive mirrored high availability solutions.  If a SOHO customer wants or needs some form of support, support is available from WildFire at our standard rates shown below.

The limitations to the SOHO product are:

1. Encryption and high speed RDMA HA are not available.
2. Usable ZFS (hard disk) space is limited to 4 decimal terabytes.
3. Usable ESS high-speed all-Flash space is limited to 1 decimal terabytes.
4. Each customer is limited to 4 SOHO systems
5. SOHO systems are not resaleable

BonFire SOHO SAN software
Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Prices
Product Option Per
BonFire SOHO SAN incl HA free

Optional annual support programs for BonFire SOHO SAN
Basic Support for BonFire SOHO SAN software 274

Sample system build cost and performance.
The table below shows the cost of building a one-terabyte all-Flash BonFire SOHO storage system using typical commodity hardware:

Sample Hardware for BonFire SOHO SAN
Component Total Price
Supermicro 1U sys-1018D-73MTF with 8 2.5"  hot swap bays 623
Intel 3.5ghz E3-1275v3 52
8GB (2x4GB) DDR3 RAM 116
SolarFlair dual port 10gigE 216
1 boot SSD or DOM 30
5 Crucial MX500 256GB @ $65 325
Total Build Cost 1,362

When configured RAID-5, the above system will write up to 2GB/second of net data (after allowance for RAID traffic).  With adequate qdepth, its internal 4KB random write IOPS rate is around 500,000.  Performance levels with a single 10gigE network port are around 75,000 per second, while a single RDMA port increases IOPS rates to approximately 500,000.  All these are profoundly faster than almost all solutions currently available.

Cost control for OEMs. If you intend to market large quantities of small SAN systems, we can offer you special reduced pricing on these.

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