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Buying WildFire Products

End Users will normally purchase finished servers and a full support package from a reseller or OEM. Qualified end users may purchase the WildFire software directly from WildFire. Qualified end users are also welcome to purchase WildFire Software through any WildFire OEM or reseller. Contact us for resellers in your area.

may resell both finished servers incorporating WildFire software and stand alone software as appropriate.  Reseller should also sell a support contract, and may either take first call or arrange for WildFire to take first call.

OEMs and integrators may combine WildFire ESS software with their own hardware and/or software solution and market and support the same under their own brand name. There is no charge for this capability.  OEMs normally provide all support to their end users and resellers.

WildFire Storage:
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