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WSS Quick Install Guide

The WildFire Storage Server is a software package that installs on Stock x86_64 hardware to create a high performance all Flash storage Appliance.

WildFire Storage Server for DSSv7 - Quick Start

This is a quick guide to installing Open-ESS for users that are used to Open-E installations.

If you are starting with a new system:

Download the Open-E DSSv7 installer ISO image from this link:


If you have early version of ESS for DSSv7 installed:

The above ISO file actually consists of a base DSSv7 install plus as update. You can access the files seperately here. This is useful if you already have ESS / DSSv7 installed and want to just update the upgrade package.


If you are an OEM and need to spin your own ISO:

You can start with the above packages and create your own ISO with your updates already in place.  This involves:

Once the base ESS update is in place, you need to load the actual ESS software.

Extract the ISO to a directory.
Add your updates to the "b#####/modules" directory.
Use the "make_iso.exe" file to build a new ISO image.

Internet Access Required:

The ESS base package is just a small "downloader" tool. The actual software is downloaded across the Internet. This requires that your server have an active internet connection. You will need to configure your primary DSSv7 network connection to have a valid IP gateway address. You will also need to configure a valid IP address for a DNS server.

You can disconnect your DSSv7 from the Internet after ESS is updated.

Console Screen Shots:

DSSv7 Home Screen:

<ctrl> <alt >W: Hardware Configuration:

ESS Array Configuration Functions are all accessible on the text console from the "Hardware Configuration Tools" menu.  Press <ctrl><alt>W to access this menu.

ESS "updater" screen:

The ESS software that is includes on the ISO is a "software installer".  The actual ESS software must be downlaoded over the internet.  If you have a system that has security requirements prohibiting an internet connection, you can remove the internet connection after the ESS software package has been updated.

ESS main menu:

Once the ESS update has been downloaded, you can actually configured the ESS SSD RAID array.

ESS license entry

The first step is to enter a WildFire-Storage License.  Without an active license, the ESS array cannot be created.

Start by getting a sofware serial number from WildFire-Storage.  You can request a permanent license, or a 60 day demo.  The license also has a "capacity" field in Gigabytes.  Contact for help.

ESS create array:

When you create an ESS array, you select the installed SSD, RAID level, and other parameters for the all Flash array.

Most of these parameters are pretty self explanatory.  If you have any questions, contact

Once the array is created, you can switch over to the web-based DSSv7 admin screen.  The ESS array should be available for you to create a volume group on.  From this point on, the system is managed from the DSSv7 web console.

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