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Networking for BonFire Devices

BonFire Network Support: BonFire networking support includes broad support for ethernet, fiber channel, and InfiniBand networking adapter.

Ethernet:Support for nearly all current adapters from Intel, Broadcom, AMD, Mellanox, and other vendors is included.  "ethtool" configuration support to force network parameters is also included.

Ethernet support also includes configuration support for bonding and for VLANs.

RDMA support is included for InfiniBand SRP connections and for iSCSI iSER connections.

RDMA support for HA replication is supported as an added-cost option

InfiniBand: InfiniBand support for IP over IB and SRP using RDMA is supported.

Fiber Channel: Fiber Channels cards from Atto and qLogic are supported at link speeds from 4 gbits to 32 gbits per second. 

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